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so what is this oneha|f group  ?

a place for people to do malware research, malware code analysis, behaviour analysis, discuss about defending malwares, incident response and much more .

I have chosen the name oneha|f because, it was the first virus infected my system ….. I got very thrilled by knowing it’s infection technique …..

onehalf’s payload is very interesting … it infects the hard disc by encrypting cylinders ….. the decryption happens on the fly, when this virus got loaded in the memory … if careful removal is not done, then the data is lost … since the virus will have the key to decrypt the data …..

focus will be more on code analysis, reverse engineering, assembly, worm techniques and what not …

come and join, if you are a person interested in malware research, love systems programming, hit your head in asm instructions, and what so ever related to depth of systems programming …

malware research is an interesting area … we will learn about extreme programming concepts, nice techniques, and depth about computer networks and computer itself …..

the main reason to create this group is to unite people in this arena … please no spammers, no script kiddies, no junkies … you can only join through people who are already in the group …..

the group is highly moderated ….. the reason is ….. we will share malware sample for discussion and research ….. we do not want to allow some one to come and sniff our messages, ask for tutorials, look for exploit codes … please do not bug us .. we are already busy ! …..

you can reach this group at http://groups.google.com/group/onehalf

and the web blog is at https://oneh.wordpress.com


Posted August 15, 2008 by oneh in announcements

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